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Therapist-client fit can make or break therapy.

Finding the right therapist is one of the greatest predictors of successful therapy.

That’s why Ethera makes it easy to get connected with your future provider.

Have specifics you’re looking for in a therapist?

Simply filter and search through our diverse provider directory to find the right therapist for you. You can easily request a consultation directly through their profile.

Not really sure who or what style you fit with?

We get it, looking for a therapist can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. Go to to use our personalized matching service.

*All Ethera providers are independent practitioners and are not employed by Ethera. This means they set their own schedule, determine their own fees, and create their own policies and procedures. Ethera members are vetted to be quality therapists who value growth, learning, and collaboration.

The Space

Our comfortable space is custom designed to ensure the best therapy experience. As you wait for your appointment in our waiting room, you’ll notice that the layout of the space offers organic privacy that doesn’t feel forced or isolating. Walk through the hallway and experience the calm of white noise and soft piano music. Exit through our separate client exit and appreciate the maintenance of your privacy and discretion.

The Tech

Technology is integrated into our modern space. Ethera offers two quick and easy check in options. Check in with your provider through our kiosk while you wait in our comfortable waiting room. Or check in on our mobile app and wait for your appointment in the comfort of your own car until your provider sends you a digital key. You can also view your upcoming appointments and pay your bill through the Ethera Client Portal.

The Client Experience

Our space is designed with the client experience in mind. We understand that the physical space around you can greatly impact your feelings, so we made sure that from the moment you step into the waiting area, you feel safe and calm. From the layout of the space to the consistency of design, from the strategic soundproofing to the check in options, Ethera was designed with your comfort and privacy in mind.

Hear what clients have to say:


Thinking about going to therapy, but not sure how to find the right therapist? How

What is it? What is the difference?  Goals are what you want to complete, achieve,

The term self-care is usually understood as wellness practices, such as taking breaks, doing yoga,

A coping skill is a technique or strategy that is used when anxiety occurs. Reducing

Overanalyzing or excessively thinking can lead to feeling stuck or paralyzed. Analysis Paralysis and Anxiety

An individual experiencing depression experiences sadness and/or a lack of desire most of the time.

Filter Directory

Therapy Styles

Short Term (Solution-focused, etc.) 
Ideal for those who are coming in with a specific problem they’d like to address and gain clarity on. Typically, short term therapies are present focused and do not dive deep into your past.

Structured therapies are goal and progress oriented. Therapists may incorporate psychoeducation and a specific “curriculum.” In order to stay on track, therapists may provide worksheets and homework.

Insight-oriented (Psychodynamic, Existential, etc.) 
Exploring the past and making connections to present issues can help clients gain insight. Getting to the root of the issue and finding deeper self-awareness can help with long-term change.

Non-directive (Humanistic, Person-centered, etc.)
Going with the flow and seeing where it leads.

Behavioral (CBT, DBT, etc.)
Focuses on changing potentially unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors by addressing problematic thought patterns and specific providing coping skills.

Trauma Focused (EMDR, TF-CBT, etc.)
Recognizing the connection between trauma experiences and your emotional and behavioral responses, trauma focused therapy seeks to help you heal from traumas.