Thinking about going to therapy, but not sure how to find the right therapist?

The Importance of Mental Health

What is it? 

Mental health is an individual’s overall sense of health and well-being, and everyone has a certain level of it.   


What does it impact? 

Mental health touches every aspect and area of an individual’s life. It also influences how an individual feels about themself and their place in this world. Some examples are:  

  • How happy or fulfilled a person is  
  • How an individual makes decisions 
  • How an individual responds to difficult circumstances and adjustments 
  • The level of self-esteem and confidence an individual has 
  • The degree of connection and closeness an individual has with people in their life 


Why does it matter? 

An individual’s level of mental health comes into play throughout life, from childhood into late adulthood. It is also a part of a person’s daily life, in small and big situations.  Most importantly, your mental health can be improved.  


What do I do? 

  • Reflect on your experience with mental health and how it comes into play in your life. The first step is awareness, which can occur by non-judgmentally reflecting on your experience.   
  • Take action.  Are there resources that you could draw upon or steps that you could take so that you respond effectively to situations or have a more fulfilled life? Creating an action plan could be helpful. 
  • Therapy can help.  A therapist can help you in processing, recovering, and working through a stressful event or major change, so that you can have more fulfillment in your life and relationships with others. The therapist can also assist you in learning skills to make healthier choices or decisions that are guided by your values. 



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About the Author:  Robyn Tamanaha is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, writer, and podcaster. She has a private practice in Irvine, CA and is the creator and host of the podcast Books Between Sessions.